Today I’m listening to… The Glee Project

I’m usually not a fan of reality TV shows just because of the fact that I don’t like all the horrible backstabbing and gossiping that is so often associated with them. If, however, it’s a show that happens to be bursting with talent, joy and pure positivity, then that is a completely different case. And ‘The Glee Project’ happens to be just that and more - I think it may have been the nicest reality show I’ve ever seen in my life. Despite all that, the highlight for me was definitely the music. While some people may not appreciate the covers they did, I have to say that apart from a few exceptions I think they did a really good job. Here are my season faves:

I wish I could just make my own Glee cast out of the top 7. And that Ryan Murphy would produce a CD of the show’s songs. Just saying.

My Big Fat Geek Chic Binge

Don’t ask why, but for some reason I have this strange love of geeked up guys. There’s just something about their fashion choices that seem so put together and dapper for everyday endeavors. But I should probably mention that I’m not just talking about just any nerdy ensemble - jeans and a graphic tee will not suffice here - it has to be that classic blazer/sweater vest/old school glasses look.

Can’t picture what I’m talking about? Here are some examples of some of my personal favorite geek chic style choices from the small screen:

1) Stephen Hawking (Benedict Cumberbatch - ‘Hawking’)

Just to clarify, I don’t necessarily mean the real Stephen Hawking. I mean, maybe he does have a fabulous wardrobe I don’t know, but this time round I’m talking about Benedict’s version of the genius. Here we’ve got the basics covered: glasses, cute sweater vest and of course the ever so proper hair cut.

2) The Doctor (Matt Smith - Doctor Who)

Yes, the fact that I’m even including the Doctor is nerdy in itself, but you had to know eventually what a nerd I actually am. So now that’s out there. But in any case let’s observe the fashion. While this may appear to be stereotypical geek chic, it’s more of a cooler, modern update on old man style. And in a time when most people can’t even be bothered to change out of their PJs to go to class, you have to appreciate someone who wears a blazer and bow tie to save all of time and space. Besides, bow ties are cool.

3) Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler - Criminal Minds)

And now for a completely different direction. As any fans of the show would know, Reid is a bit of a chameleon as far as nerds go. Throughout the series there has been a never ending style progression, from awkward short sleeved shirts, to his sixties-style glasses, to long hair… The list goes on. But this has to be one of my favorite looks: the cardi/shirt + tie/converse combo. So great. 

Images via: IGN, Style & SwagBBC